Home Automation Innovation with Fenetex Retractable Screens


It’s 2016 and one of the most talked-about trends in renovation and new-home design is home automation. Home automation is simply the process of wiring the electronics in our homes up to be controlled and scheduled to work, well, automatically.

Home Automation

There are a lot of common applications of home automation. For example, sprinklers and air conditioning systems that are programmed to turn on and off on a schedule are automated. Home security systems that can be controlled and monitored by a computer or mobile phone are also a type of home automation.

As innovators and forward thinkers, we love home automation. Here are a few ideas for automating your home that you might not have thought of yet:

Holiday Decor

Protect your home and save yourself a hassle by plugging your holiday decorations, like Christmas tree lights, into a home-automated plug. Gone are the days of leaving the lights on while you’re away because you can’t reach the plug that’s hidden behind six feet of pine needles. Now preventing a Christmas tree fire can be as simple as setting the alarm on your home when you leave, setting an automatic timer, or pressing a button on your phone.

Take the outdoors a little more inside

With Fenetex Retractable Shade Screens and a touch of home automation, you can quickly and easily take any outdoor space and make it a little more comfortable. Imagine a relaxing afternoon on your patio reading a book as the sun comes down and blind you. All it takes is a tap on your phone to bring down your shade screen.

Eating dinner every summer night with your family in your outdoor living space becomes a lot more simple with a Fenetex Retractable Insect Screen and home automation. Schedule the screens to come down every evening just before dinner time and you’ll never have to worry about pesky bugs interrupting your family dinner.

Phone System

Tired of getting call after call from survey companies, salespeople and every other unwanted solicitor? These calls are frustrating for sure. They interrupt our family time and no matter how many times you tell them, “don’t call back” they seem to just keep calling. With home automation you can schedule your home phone to be silent at certain time of day or to only ring for certain numbers. This means you can program your phone with everyone you want to talk to and everyone else gets sent to voicemail.

Protect your home remotely

You never have to worry about storm protection again with Fenetex Retractable Hurricane Screens and home automation. If you install your retractable hurricane screens with a home automation software, you can deploy your hurricane protection from anywhere in the world. You can get your family to safety without worrying about spending hours boarding up your windows. You can protect your vacation home by deploying your screens remotely from the safety of your own home.

When you’re ready to start on the path to home automation, Fenetex can help. Contact us today and we’ll help you figure out the perfect application of automated retractable screens for your needs.