Pursuing Innovation

Innovation is in our company’s DNA. We don’t just work on the cutting-edge, we define it. Our commitment to exploring new technology has ensured that our products aren’t perfectly adequate, they’re simply perfect.

You spend a lot of time and money to enjoy your outdoor space, but protecting that space comes with some real challenges. Powerful storms, harsh sunlight, vexatious insects, and cold, blustery Winter winds can all adversely affect your outdoor experience. As engineers and technicians, we saw this as a problem set worth solving. As business people, we found an opportunity to create superior products, hire the best people, and devise the most efficient and effective production and product solutions.

When our company began under the name StormWatch, we set out to make the preeminent fabric hurricane screen shutter on the market. By improving on existing methods and pursuing modern innovations, we developed the strongest, most reliable, and longest lasting fabric shutter available. We then saw the use of impact glass in windows begin to rise, so we shifted our focus to helping homeowners and businesses protect their outdoor living areas by embracing a new product category – retractable screens. These retractable screens offer the perfect solution for the modern home, successful business, or innovative architect–a system that offers the pinnacle in protection, is simple to install, and disappears from sight with ease.

Fenetex exclusively manufactures retractable screens. Rather than use our expertise to try to provide everything to everyone, we maintain a laser-like focus on producing the very best retractable screens. We understand the requirements of making a product that is totally dependable in every aspect, so every component is meticulously studied and designed to unite as a system that out-performs all others and delivers peace of mind to its users. Since quality is our driving factor, we use the finest materials and machinery through a very efficient manufacturing process to produce Fenetex retractable screens. The end result is a line of the highest quality and reasonably priced hurricane screens, insect screens, dual screens and other products on the market.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

When you make an emotional and financial investment in the creation and protection of an outdoor space, you want peace of mind throughout the process. At Fenetex, we understand this, and our track record of customer satisfaction assuages our clients’ concerns before installation even begins. You make investments to enjoy them, we make screens to make sure you enjoy them forever.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, architect, or dealer, you’ll have peace of mind before, during, and most importantly, long after our screens are installed.

Made in the U.S.A.

We are committed to American manufacturing and the belief that domestic products have both a greater economic impact and reputation for quality. We custom engineer and manufacture many of the parts we use in our retractable screen systems and source the rest from US manufacturers whenever possible. However, not every component can be sourced in the USA. For example, Somfy motors are of international origin as are some of the trim materials and assembly fasteners we use. Some of the fabrics we offer, such as those from Serge Ferrari are manufactured in Europe and some, such as those from, Twitchell are manufactured in the USA. Our screens are all fabricated in our Jacksonville, Florida facility and all of our aluminum extrusions are produced in Florida.

When considering how best to protect your home and create comfortable, sophisticated outdoor living spaces, choose the best retractable screen solution in the world. Choose Fenetex.


We had our retractable insect screens built into the house while it was under construction. That is the way to go, and the Fenetex guys were so helpful.

– Howard, Boca Raton, FL

We have now had the opportunity to see and use the shades and really like them. Thanks again for the great product.

– Bill, Ontario, Canada

This is a smart design. It used to be that you could only have a roll-up bug screen or a roll-up hurricane shutter, but not both because there is no room. The dual screen solves the problem of where to put the second roll-up by integrating them into a single unit. It’s what I’ve been looking for and Fenetex delivered.

– Ed, Long Island, NY

You guys have been amazing and we really appreciate your incredible customer service.

– Shane, The Bahamas