Fenetex Screen Maintenance & Service

Your Fenetex screen comes with a variety of benefits, most of which can complement your living lifestyle. But when you order our products, it’s important that you know and understand how to carry out proper screen maintenance. Depending on which screen or screens you ordered, your product can serve countless purposes: insect protection, hurricane protection, shade, etc. But if not … Read More

The Combination & Benefits of Fenetex Dual Screens

Insect screen

You’re not able to control the environment around. Mother Nature is her own force and we have no say in her behavior. But that doesn’t mean you can’t provide yourself protection from her sometimes harsh deeds. Here at Fenetex, we pride ourselves by offering our clients with one of our business-defining products: dual screens. We offer various choices in protective … Read More

Utilize Your Backyard Space With Retractable Screens

If you keep up with our blogs you might have stumbled across one of our articles about why you should install our retractable screens in your Florida home. Two of the key reasons mentioned were about insects and the sun hindering our backyard patio usage. Fenetex’s protective screens have proven to increase the quality of patio time where residents are … Read More

How A Fenetex Retractable Screen Can Increase Your Home Value

Installing a retractable screen from Fenetex is a sure-fire way to increase your home’s property value. There are a number of benefits that a retractable screen from Fenetex can provide that will result in the value of your home increasing. From the protective aspects of the screen to its energy-saving nature. Installing a retractable screen can provide your property value … Read More

Why You Should Install A Retractable Screen At Your Florida Home

Homes in Florida can be beautiful sanctuaries for their residents. In many cases, Florida homes are waterfront, making them perfect for fishing from the backyard, or just spending time outdoors. Regardless of where your home resides, a great way to improve the comfortability of your outdoor areas are retractable screens from Fenetex. At Fenetex, we offer a number of different … Read More

Retractable Screens For The Summer

hurricane porch screens

Being able to hang out in the backyard during the summer is something that everybody loves to do. Enjoying the summer weather in a comfortable environment is perfect to do with friends and families after a long day of work or on a day off. At Fenetex, we provide retractable screens that make hanging out in the backyard that much … Read More

Building Standards And Codes That Fenetex Tests For

power screens, window hurricane protection

For home and business owners, protecting a residential or commercial property is of the utmost importance. The peace of mind knowing your home, possessions, and family is safe and secure is what drives our company. At  Fenetex, we deliver the most durable power screens and hurricane window protection options on the market. Durability and longevity are key. We test the full potential … Read More

Prepare For Hurricane Season with Retractable Screens

Retractable hurricane screens

Floridians know how important it is to have options when it comes to hurricane shutter alternatives. The traditional way to protect windows and doors was by using plywood and metal shutters. Protection from hurricanes is now easier and safer. Fenetex’s retractable hurricane screens are the best shutter alternatives that offer the ultimate protection and convenience for residential and commercial properties. … Read More

The 5 Benefits of Retractable Screens in Boca Raton

Motorized screens, retractable screens in boca raton

Retractable porch screen enclosures can be a great investment to any commercial or residential property. From the harsh rays of the sun to the unnecessary clean up from the weather, Fenetex offers motorized screen installation for many situations. Protection from weather, animals, and heat can be achieved at the push of a button. Here are 5 benefits to getting a … Read More

The Benefits of Having an Electric Screen Installed

Even though a property may be stunningly attractive and welcoming to visitors, sometimes weather conditions disagree with letting people enjoy their surroundings. One of the ways to protect the domestication of a property from external factors is to install an electric screen system. Fenetex offers installation of motorized screens that are easy to use, and these screens maintain a connection … Read More