Best Retractable Screens West Palm Beach

Adding Fenetex Retractable Screens to your home or business is a great way to protect it from year-round annoyances. All of the screen systems we construct are custom-designed to blend in with your home and provides a refined, stylish solution that is easy to use and maintain. Without a doubt, Fenetex is your top choice for the best retractable screens in West Palm Beach. You will never have to worry about canceling any outdoor plans if unexpected weather shows up. You can count on our retractable screens to ensure every outdoor rendezvous stays as planned despite the conditions outside. In addition, we ensure you will host the outdoor event of the season with our retractable screens helping set the mood no matter the season.

Fenetex’s Options of Retractable Screens in West Palm Beach

Shade Screens – The Retractable Shade Screens in West Palm Beach can assist with a handful of issues. Having the sun in your face while trying to enjoy your outdoor area can be quite a nuisance. Fenetex Retractable Shade Screens can help ensure each time you decide to enjoy your outdoor area will be a relaxing experience. Our retractable shade screens will block 90% of the sun’s piercing light while decreasing your energy costs. The sun is no match against our retractable shade screens in West Palm Beach.

Insect Screens – Our West Palm Beach Retractable Insect Screens will invigorate your outdoor space and create an impenetrable forcefield to the peskiest insects. Your outdoor area is your excuse to spend time outdoors and enjoy the nice weather. Fenetex screens have the ability to contract on insect-free days and are deployed when insects arrive. Additionally, our insect retractable screens can be utilized on commercial or residential patios and provide insect protection for outdoor kitchens, cabanas, and garage door openings in West Palm Beach.

Clear Weather Curtains – Having a spacious outdoor area is a great asset for any homeowner or restaurant. As we all know, weather can change at the drop of a dime. With Fenetex Clear Vinyl Weather Retractable Screens in West Palm Beach, homeowners and customers are protected during uncomfortable elements that may interrupt their dining experience. You owe it to yourself to protect your outdoor area for you and your guests with our clear weather curtains.

Hurricane Screens – When a hurricane approaches, many people will move furniture and things away from windows. With our Retractable Hurricane Screens in West Palm Beach, you can leave everything in its place because you know your windows and doors are protected from flying debris and howling winds. Not to mention, our screens can help with moderating the temperature in your backyard or outdoor area. These retractable screens are made with the same types of materials used in ballistic body armor, which are aramid and polyester fibers. You could compare these to an aluminum roll shutter for the strength aspect but lack the transparency attribute as you cannot see through aluminum shutters. Our Hurricane Retractable Screens in West Palm Beach could ultimately double as a shade screen since they are made with a special PVC coating that helps block out the sun.

Dual Screens –  You may not be able to control your outdoor settings, but with Fenetex Dual Screens, you can have total control of your outdoor area. The exclusive, custom-engineered track system combines the likes of two Fenetex Retractable Screens to fend off any unwanted pests. Pairing our insect screen with our hurricane screen will help tremendously against any element no matter the time of year. Below are different combinations of our screens that can be utilized together.

  • Insect + Hurricane – Extreme weather conditions are no match for our Hurricane Screens. They assist with keeping rain and snow off patios and create an impenetrable forcefield to your outdoor space during severe weather. Coupling these two retractable screens, you can be sure you will be protected against everything.
  • Insect + Clear Weather Curtains – When these two screens are used together, they can protect any outdoor space. During the winter months, you can turn up the heat, drop the Clear Weather Curtains and relax. When spring or summer rolls around, insects try to invade the sanctity of your outdoor space. With the click of a button, you can avoid those pesky insects by dropping our Insect Screen to insure your outdoor time is insect-free.
  • Insect + Shade – This duo of screens work in tandem to help maximize airflow and block the sun. This ensures you experience a relaxing and insect outdoor space. Homeowners can trust in our retractable insect screens in West Palm Beach for peace of mind without pesky insects.

Fenetex is the best choice for West Palm Beach homeowners who want to add to their property value while enjoying the comfort and safety of their homes or businesses.

Why Use Fenetex Retractable Screens in West Palm Beach?

When it comes to constructing a new home or accessorizing an existing space, Fenetex Retractable Screens in West Palm Beach has you covered! The design specialists here at Fenetex will work with you or your architect to hammer out any details of your custom system. Every screen is custom manufactured to fit precisely within the architectural space it occupies to resist wind load. The Fenetex Dual Screen System allows you to have total control over your outdoor domain regardless of changes outside. With our West Palm Beach Retractable Screens System, you no longer will sacrifice your patio’s charm to protect it.

For instance, dealing with new construction, retractable screens can be designed to disappear completely. All of our retractable screens in West Palm Beach are fully motorized to deploy at the touch of a button. Therefore, our retractable screens can be fully optimized with the likes of smart home automation systems and can be operated and monitored from anywhere. Fenetex retractable screen systems are best installed by one of our trusted dealers but can also be set up on your own with the help of one of our specialists. We encourage you to consult with our extensive technical library of technical documents and installation instructions if you choose to install by yourself.

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