Fenetex Screen Maintenance & Service

Your Fenetex screen comes with a variety of benefits, most of which can complement your living lifestyle. But when you order our products, it’s important that you know and understand how to carry out proper screen maintenance. Depending on which screen or screens you ordered, your product can serve countless purposes: insect protection, hurricane protection, shade, etc. But if not … Read More

The Combination & Benefits of Fenetex Dual Screens

Insect screen

You’re not able to control the environment around. Mother Nature is her own force and we have no say in her behavior. But that doesn’t mean you can’t provide yourself protection from her sometimes harsh deeds. Here at Fenetex, we pride ourselves by offering our clients with one of our business-defining products: dual screens. We offer various choices in protective … Read More

Building Standards And Codes That Fenetex Tests For

power screens, window hurricane protection

For home and business owners, protecting a residential or commercial property is of the utmost importance. The peace of mind knowing your home, possessions, and family is safe and secure is what drives our company. At  Fenetex, we deliver the most durable power screens and hurricane window protection options on the market. Durability and longevity are key. We test the full potential … Read More

Prepare For Hurricane Season with Retractable Screens

Retractable hurricane screens

Floridians know how important it is to have options when it comes to hurricane shutter alternatives. The traditional way to protect windows and doors was by using plywood and metal shutters. Protection from hurricanes is now easier and safer. Fenetex’s retractable hurricane screens are the best shutter alternatives that offer the ultimate protection and convenience for residential and commercial properties. … Read More

Protect Your Windows This Hurricane Season

Hurricane Screens

Hurricane window protection fabric is a material used to make hurricane screens protect outdoor living areas from the destruction of heavy storms. Some would argue that hurricane screens are the best window protection option for hurricane season. Customizability, aesthetics, and strength are some of the reasons these screens are highly preferred by South Florida residents. Fit to Your Home Hurricane … Read More

Residential Hurricane Protection: A Different Approach For Your Home

motorized shades

Living in an area that is often affected by hurricanes can be scary. Protecting your home may seem overwhelming at first. With the changing tides of hurricane season, there is always something new to keep up with. Here is a quick guide to protecting your home from the harsh storms of hurricane season. Hurricane Insurance Hurricane season officially begins on … Read More

Home Automation Innovation with Fenetex Retractable Screens

home automation

It’s 2016 and one of the most talked-about trends in renovation and new-home design is home automation. Home automation is the process of wiring the electronics in our homes. This allows them to be controlled and scheduled to work automatically. Home Automation There are a lot of common applications of home automation. For example, sprinklers and air conditioning systems. They … Read More