The Combination & Benefits of Fenetex Dual Screens

Insect screen

You’re not able to control the environment around. Mother Nature is her own force and we have no say in her behavior. But that doesn’t mean you can’t provide yourself protection from her sometimes harsh deeds. Here at Fenetex, we pride ourselves by offering our clients with one of our business-defining products: dual screens.

We offer various choices in protective screens designed to fit your home. Because of our array in products, however, many clients are often left stumped in choosing which screen they want. We’ve provided a solution to this by granting the choice of utilizing two different screens for their venue of choice. Below are just some of the combinations and benefits of Fenetex dual screens that we can install for you.

Insect + Clear Weather Curtains

Mosquitoes are probably the most reoccurring problem in Florida environments (besides the heat, of course). It’s so much of an issue that it’s jokingly said that the mosquito is actually the Florida state bird. On top of that, certain Florida weather conditions can also inhibit your leisure when you’re outdoors. If you feel these two conditions are the most problematic, then you should consider the insect + clear weather curtains option to be installed in your home.

Insect + Hurricane

Though many residents will claim they are used to them, hurricanes are still a struggle to deal with during the season. Stores will be packed with customers purchasing supplies and other similar materials and the worst is dealing in choosing which materials are needed to defend your home. To reduce that stress, Fenetex has offered hurricane screens for customers to have installed on their home. Their high durability is guaranteed to shield against flying debris and other harmful factors. Also, as an added bonus, the insect screen can also be there to prevent annoying bugs from ruining your leisure during the calmness before the storm.

Insect + Shade

One of the best features of Florida residency is enjoying your leisure while underneath the sun. Sometimes, though, you might not always be willing to do that, especially with pesky critters impeding on your relaxation. If you’re looking to just sit back and enjoy the weather, minus the hot sun, then you should have our insect + shade screen combination installed. With this combination, you can also maximize airflow and get a nice breeze, too.


Call Today & Get Your Fenetex Dual Screens Installed

Other than the endless combination of utilities you can choose from, other good features of our screens are that they are manufactured to specifically fit the design of your space that it occupies. As an added bonus, their presence is also discreet and won’t hinder the overall appearance of your patio. If interest, call us at 800.FENETEX or visit our contact page.