Today’s home and business owners are looking for useable outdoor places, but the challenges of nature create unique problems in designing the perfect space. Protecting these areas from the threats of powerful storms in coastal areas, harmful UV rays, cold temperatures, wind and the annoyance caused by insects helps to realize the full potential of the structure, and creates long term value for your clients.
Here is why Fenetex is the right choice for your project:


  • Fenetex has the experience to help with design and integration questions and can think outside the box to find solutions to difficult applications
  • Fenetex builds many types of screens and we have engineered those to work together perfectly in our dual screen system
  • Fenetex screens are adjustable and servicable after installation
  • Fenetex screens are made in the USA
  • Fenetex screens can span openings up to 26 feet
  • Only Fenetex screens meet Miami-Dade, Florida Building Code and ICC 500 requirements for hurricane protection
  • Only Fenetex busilds a screen stong enough to use in windy conditions



Check out our PDF Library for spec sheets and other technical information or feel free to contact us to discuss how Fenetex products can upgrade your next project with one of our experts.


The trend in residential design is to create a great outdoor living area. To make full use of this area, a retractable screen isn’t an option– it’s a necessity. The designer has to consider multiple factors when specifying a screen system, particularly if it will be built in. Fenetex simplifies this process by being uniquely capable of providing a retractable screen option for any contingency and providing the design support to make it a reality.


Most of our commercial work goes into the hospitality market. Whether it is a restaurant patio or a hotel event space, the goal for the customer remains the same: guest comfort. What makes Fenetex unique is that we brought an end retention screen system that can be deployed quickly and seals the weather out. Customers can heat or cool the space behind a weather curtain and some opt for dual screens when that is the best solution for guest comfort requirements.


Advanced Specifications

At Fenetex, we take quality seriously. That’s why we have the most rigorously engineered screen products on the market today. Whether you’re an architect in need of CAD files or a contractor looking for installation instructions, we encourage you to browse our Technical Library.

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