Utilize Your Backyard Space With Retractable Screens

If you keep up with our blogs you might have stumbled across one of our articles about why you should install our retractable screens in your Florida home. Two of the key reasons mentioned were about insects and the sun hindering our backyard patio usage. Fenetex’s protective screens have proven to increase the quality of patio time where residents are able to enjoy its usage for leisure. But why stop there?

Modeling your backyard patio into your ideal relaxing area shouldn’t be the only–and frankly, a mainstream–utilization of its space. Get familiar with its setting once the screens have been installed and figure out which creative options could best serve your home’s purpose. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Exercising while surrounded by the Florida elements can pose a challenge to us residents. You could always get a membership and go to the gym but that can sometimes be a nuisance in of itself. Having your own backyard gym could be a great utilization of the space. You can avoid the cluster of public gyms and be able to exercise in the comfort of your own home. Plus, with the addition of Fenetex’s screens, Florida’s most troublesome features won’t be a problem. You won’t need to decide whether your gym should be outside or indoors, you can meet it halfway through by having retractable screens providing the middle ground. If you’re exercising outside and the heat is proving to be a hindrance, you can go inside and have your screens shield you from the heat while still having some open space.

Cooking Area

What leisure time would be complete if it weren’t accompanied by something to eat? Why travel back and forth to the kitchen to get your meal and relax in your back patio when you can have a cooking area right next to you? This is probably one of the most popular features that exist in a backyard. Whether you have a patio or not, you or someone you know has a grill in their backyard. There are many cooking accessories you can add to your backyard patio. A flattop grill might look good and be practical in your patio setting.


Another popular backyard patio accessory is a drinking bar. Much like the cooking area, this would be another practical option convenient for leisure purposes. On top of that, it’d be a common hang-out point for you and other friends to come to when deciding to get together.

Something Entirely New

Get creative and decide to do something entirely new to your backyard patio. With the addition of our screens, the possibilities are endless. A recent idea that has popped up a year or so ago was a backyard library. One would probably have never thought of doing that, but it’s been done. Think about what that backyard patio space could really be used for and do it!

Hire Fenetex for Your Retractable Screen Needs!

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