Why You Should Install A Retractable Screen At Your Florida Home

Homes in Florida can be beautiful sanctuaries for their residents. In many cases, Florida homes are waterfront, making them perfect for fishing from the backyard, or just spending time outdoors. Regardless of where your home resides, a great way to improve the comfortability of your outdoor areas are retractable screens from Fenetex. At Fenetex, we offer a number of different retractable screens that can be used for different purposes. Whether you’re looking for a screen to protect your outdoor area from insects, cool it down during warm weather, or even protect it from hurricanes, retractable screens from Fenetex can be of assistance.

Insect Retractable Screens

In Florida, there are a number of creepy crawlers and insects that are constantly trying to invade your personal space. While citron candles and other insect repellants work sometimes, they don’t have a 100 percent success rate. Insect screens, on the other hand, stop insects from making their way into your outdoor living area altogether. With Fenetex’s retractable screens, you don’t have to worry about another mosquito, fly, or other insect bothering you while you’re trying to spend time in the backyard.  Simply install the screen, ensure it’s deployed, and relax. No insects will be bothering you anymore.

Retractable Shades

If there’s one thing that Floridians are familiar with, it’s the sun. It seems that almost year-round, Florida’s warm weather is incredibly unforgiving. There’s nothing worse than trying to spend your time outside and being attacked by the sun’s harsh penetrating UV Rays. Fenetex’s retractable shades block 90 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. While keeping your outdoor area cool, it also keeps the inside of your home cool. That’s because when these shades are deployed the sun’s harmful rays won’t make their way into your backyard’s windows and sliding glass doors. Enjoy a cool outdoor area while substantially reducing your energy costs from running the AC with retractable shades from Fenetex.

Hurricane Protection Screens

Hurricanes are a yearly threat to the residents of South Florida. 6 months out of the year, we’re in the crosshairs of multiple tropical storms and depressions, which can considerably damage the outside of homes. To avoid damaging the outside of your home, consider installing a hurricane screen from Fenetex. Gone are the days of having to move everything that’s outdoors inside thanks to Fenetex retractable hurricane screens. Fenetex’s hurricane screens are comparable to an aluminum roll shutter in terms of strength, but unlike standard aluminum shutters, you can see through our hurricane screens. Additionally, our hurricane screens feature a special PVC coating, which allows them to double as a retractable shade. Protect your home, increase it’s property value, as well as it’s comfortability when you go with Fenetex.

Choose Fenetex To Provide Your Home With Top Notch Retractable Screens

Fenetex offers top-notch retractable screens that can be used for a variety of purposes. If you want to learn more about Fenetex retractable screens, give us a call at (904) 437-5168, or contact us online.