Retractable Screens For The Summer

hurricane porch screens

Being able to hang out in the backyard during the summer is something that everybody loves to do. Enjoying the summer weather in a comfortable environment is perfect to do with friends and families after a long day of work or on a day off. At Fenetex, we provide retractable screens that make hanging out in the backyard that much more comfortable and enjoyable. Our retractable screens block 90% of penetrating sunlight, reducing the temperature of your backyard, and in turn, reducing your energy. With Fenetex retractable screens, the sun is at your mercy any time of the day.

Cool Down The Backyard While Reducing Your Energy Costs

Fenetex screens reduce the harsh glare from the sun, making the backyard more comfortable to spend time in. Furthermore, they also reduce heat transfer in the home, which can considerably reduce energy costs. Fenetex retractable screens make spending time in your backyard a whole new experience. Reduced temperature in the backyard makes it much more bearable, allowing you to spend hours with friends and family without realizing the temperature outside. Homeowners will also be ecstatic to see how much money they’ve saved by reducing the temperature indoors. We make your backyard the perfect space to spend the lazy hours or days of summer.

Fenetex Retractable Screens Are Durable & Easy To Use

Fenetex retractable shade screens are built with the same level of precision, engineering, and craftsmanship as our heavy-duty, code-approved hurricane screens. Our retractable shade screens use a welded-end retention system that outperforms all zipper-based solutions. Fenetex retractable screens are built to last and can withstand winds up to 75 miles-per-hour before they start to break and blow out. What’s more is that our screens are made from a UV-resistant fabric, allowing these screens to combat harsh sunlight without compromising its integrity.

Fenetex hurricane screens can be controlled manually, with a crank mechanism that is ideal for homes with 1 or 2 Fenetex screens, as it doesn’t take much time at all to manually deploy 1 or 2 screens. But for homes with 3 or more Fenetex retractable screens, we highly recommend installing automated screens. This automation makes using Fenetex retractable screens as easy as pressing a button. Installing manual retractable screens for 3 or more areas of your home is highly unrecommended, as it will take a fair amount of time to use the crank mechanism to deploy 3 or more screens. Fenetex makes retractable shade screens that are durable, long-lasting, and simple to use.

Trust Fenetex To Give Your Backyard A New Look And Feel

At Fenetex, we specialize in installing retractable screens for a variety of uses. Is your home located near a body of water? We recommend one of our insect screens. Is your home located within a high-velocity hurricane zone? Our hurricane screens can provide an unmatched level of protection to your home. Combine 2 of these screens to create the perfect backyard for your home in terms of comfort and protection. Learn more about Fenetex residential retractable screens – contact us online or give us a call at (904) 437-5168.