The 5 Benefits of Retractable Screens in Boca Raton

Motorized screens, retractable screens in boca raton

Retractable porch screen enclosures can be a great investment to any commercial or residential property. From the harsh rays of the sun to the unnecessary clean up from the weather, Fenetex offers motorized screen installation for many situations. Protection from weather, animals, and heat can be achieved at the push of a button. Here are 5 benefits to getting a retractable screen in Boca Raton or elsewhere:

  • Heat Reduction
  • Automation
  • Weather
  • Environment
  • Preserving Property

Heat Reduction

During the day, properties can raise in temperature due to the sun’s rays. Manually opening and closing blinds can get tedious and take some time for properties with many windows. Motorized screens go into position at the touch of a button, allowing the attentive owner to react to changes in the atmosphere comfortably. The amount of sunlight entering a home or business greatly affects its temperature. Filtering out the unnecessary UV rays at times of high volume sunlight can reduce heat. Air conditioning costs can be cut with the push of a button.


On top of the ability to react to the environment, certain schedules can be prepared for with automated controls. This allows the opening or closing of screens during routine times such as when the sun angles through the windows the most. For security purposes, scheduled screen adjustments can make a home look inhabited. While out on vacation it can still appear like someone is home.

Environment and Weather

The outdoor space around a property can look amazing and offer a lot to the atmosphere. Some of the costs to those benefits are the existence of bugs and weather. Porch screen enclosures can preserve the scenery around a property.

Homeowners can provide their guests a better scenery when having a get-together. A business that relies on customers enjoying the environment like a restaurant heavily rely on porch screen enclosures to keep their customers satisfied. They can’t afford to close up shop just because a storm rolls through.

Preserving Property

Fenetex offers dual screen protection with a strong steel outer layer. These retractable screens meet the Florida Building Code in Boca Raton for hurricane protection. They are also very easy to retract and extend. There is no more long preparation for hurricane shutters, allowing more time to prepare in other ways.

The sunlight that fades paintings and furniture can also be controlled to preserve their color. Automating the shades to retract during the higher sunlight times makes furniture last longer.

For any business or residence looking to keep the charm of an outside environment for their property, Fenetex specializes in the installation of retractable screens. Call (904) 437 – 5168 now or visit to preserve the domestic beauty of your property.