The Benefits of Having an Electric Screen Installed

Even though a property may be stunningly attractive and welcoming to visitors, sometimes weather conditions disagree with letting people enjoy their surroundings. One of the ways to protect the domestication of a property from external factors is to install an electric screen system. Fenetex offers installation of motorized screens that are easy to use, and these screens maintain a connection with the environment while keeping the property safe. Here are some of the benefits.


Energy Efficiency


When looking to cool off the home during a cold day or save on air conditioning usage during a nice day, electric screens are the perfect tool for maintaining perfect temperatures with minimal effort. Having to manually open and close multiple screens would be time-consuming and require a lot of attention. Motorized screens go into position at the touch of a button, allowing the attentive owner to react to changes in the atmosphere comfortably. Automation also allows the opening or closing of screens during routine times of need. The amount of sunlight entering a home or business greatly affects its temperature. Filtering out the unnecessary UV rays will lower heat and save on the energy used by air conditioning.


Controlled Environment


Storms, sunlight, insects, and snow can all adversely affect the outdoor space around a property. Residences and commercial restaurants will want to preserve the scenery they built around their property. Insects can make people prefer to stay inside, but a screen can maintain the scenery while also creating a layer between the two. While a homeowner can wait for better conditions, a business restaurant needs to maintain reasonable conditions for its customers at all times. They can’t afford to close up shop just because a storm rolls through. Motorized screens allow reactions to the weather almost immediately so that customers can continue using their property.

For protection against hurricanes, Fenetex offers dual screen protection with a strong steel outer layer. These screens meet Miami-Dade, Florida Building Code and ICC 500 requirements for hurricane protection. These electric screens are perfect for houses with impact glass because they keep preparation to a minimum. Fenetex offers screens for openings of up to 26 feet. Patio furniture won’t be carried away or damaged while behind these protective screens.

Furniture and paintings will fade after long-term exposure to bright sunlight. Keeping shade during the brightest hours of the day can minimize the aging of household assets and maintain their worth. This is also when the option of automatic schedules of opening/closing of the screen becomes convenient. Automation prevents the act of preserving furniture and reducing energy usage from becoming a chore.


For any business or residence looking to keep the charm of an outside environment for their property, Fenetex specializes in the installation of retractable screens. Call (904) 437 – 5168 now or visit to make any outside environment under the control of the click of a button.