The Ultimate Insect Screen Material For Your Home

Insect screen

A home’s patio and outdoor space is sacred and shouldn’t be ruined by insects like mosquitoes. One of the ways to keep pesky insects out of the patio is to screen off the patio. Patio screens benefit a homeowner in a few different ways. They not only keep insects out, but they can help reduce weather effects and keep pets inside of the patio. At Fenetex, we offer a wide selection of screen products and material. We specifically have insect screen material to help ward off insects. Fortify the patio and outdoor space with a Fenetex insect screen. Here are some of the reasons why a Fenetex screen is the ultimate insect screen material.


Fenetex insect screens are built to last. This is due to the high-quality craftsmanship that is involved. Our screens are engineered like our heavy duty hurricane screens. They use a welded-end retention system that outperforms zipper-based screens. Our Fenetex screens withstand hurricane force winds up to 75 mph without blowing out.


Having a wrinkled or sticking screen is frustrating. No one should have to experience that. Fenetex offers screens that withstand the effects of wrinkles and sticking. Our insect screen materials are customizable. This allows them to withstand variables that typically cause wrinkling or sticking screens. Fenetex shade screens utilize a two-part adjustable track system. The patented system tracks can be adjusted easily to ensure the perfect fit.

Homeowner Control

Our insect screen material can be installed for motorized control. With a simple touch of a button, the insect material is deployed for insect protection at any time. The motorized screen material can be paired with a smart home system for full control. Not only will an outdoor space be protected from annoying insects, but it can open and closed easily.


Any Fenetex insect screens can be matched with hurricane screens and other products. Having insect material paired with hurricane screens provides durability and protection. Insects screens can also be matched with our retractable screens providing the right solution for any condition. Each screen can be independent while being durable and providing protection.

These are just some of the reasons why Fenetex sells the ultimate in insect screen material. Our insect material is perfect for patios, outdoor kitchens, pool areas, and more. They can also be fully automated and retractable for convenience and ease of use. Contact Fenetex at 1-800-336-3839 for a free quote on one of our insect screen solutions today.