The Best Motorized Shades For Summer in Florida

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Imagine sitting on your back patio this summer, enjoying a nice glass of iced tea because the best motorized shades are installed. Fenetex offers a variety of roller shade options perfect to maximize the use of outdoor spaces in the summer. These shades offer protection from the heat, UV rays, summer showers, and even hurricane strength winds. Summer is already here and in full strength in South Florida. Fenetex exterior screens can allow Florida homeowners make the most of their outdoor space this season.

Beat The Summer Heat

The Florida heat keeps residents from enjoying their outdoor spaces during the hot months. The best motorized screens from Fenetex help block out the sun and in turn cool down the protected areas. The roller screens act as a shade that only allows some light in, but still has a major cooling effect. Don’t sweat (literally) when trying to enjoy the outdoor living area Florida homes offer. Vinyl roller screens can also be used to create an optional wall keeping cool air produced by fans inside of a patio area, while still offering a great view of the yard.

Ultimate Sun Protection

Blocking out some of the hot summer sun means blocking harmful UV rays. UV rays have been associated with harmful cancers such as melanoma. The harsh Florida sun means that the UV rays are more intense in this region. Protection for our customers was a top priority when developing our various motorized screen products. Fenetex motorized screens can be made with materials that block harmful UV rays. The screens create a safer environment for homeowners to relax in their outdoor oasis.

Dodge Summer Showers

All of the screens developed by Fenetex offer some level of rain protection. Even the mesh screens are highly effective in blocking out heavy downpours. Water simply beads up and rolls down when it hits one of the mesh screens. Rollers screens are ideal for outdoor dining areas. Nothing is worse than sitting down to eat a meal and being interrupted by an unpredictable summer shower. As long as the dining space is within an area equipped with Fenetex screens, the screens can simply be rolled down for an uninterrupted meal.

Hurricane Strength Protection

The best motorized screens are not just the best for summer because of their sun and rain protection. Fenetex screens are the best because they are engineered to provide hurricane strength protection. Hurricanes can be destructive event that send residents racing to prepare their home. Instead of dragging all of the patio furniture and plants indoors, Fenetex customers simply roll down and secure their hurricane screens. These screens are engineered to meet Miami Dade Building Codes, the toughest building codes in the country.

Motorized Shade Options From Fenetex

Unpredictable rainstorms and the harsh sun never has to send Fenetex customers indoors. We offer the best motorized shades to make sure local residents can enjoy their outdoor living area every day. For a quote on motorized screens from Fenetex, contact us today at (904)437-5168.