Four Season Gazebo – Residential Fenetex Retractable Screens

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Using Your Gazebo to Create a Year Round Outdoor Living Space

Every year homeowners around the world, in all climates are spending millions on creating the perfect outdoor living spaces. Many of these projects include a gazebo with a structural roof and open air sides. You may find yourself inland in your Florida or Louisiana gazebo in the spring, summer or fall socializing with family and friends when suddenly you’re inundated with mosquitoes. After a few minutes you realize that the tiki torches and bug zappers you invested in are not really providing the comfort you desire so the party heads indoors. It only takes a few mosquitoes or critters to make an expensive outdoor living project nothing more than an expensive architectural monument.

Fenetex Retractable Screens provide the simplest, permanent solution to the problem. Insect, shade, solar, vinyl or a combination of two – Fenetex provides a perfect, customized solution for every location. Our motorized screens deploy at the touch of a button when they’re needed and disappear from view when they’re not, leaving your outdoor living space livable and beautiful. With Fenetex Retractable Screens, feel free to add furniture, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, a/c and heating units, TVs, Stereos and anything else you could use to change your gazebo or backyard into an extension of your home.

Screens can be installed on existing living space or you can plan ahead and have the screens built into the structure of your home. Built-in screens hide the hardware so that the screens are virtually invisible when they’re not deployed. Fenetex has pre-prepared design guidelines for all types and sizes of structures that can be customized for your openings up to 25 feet wide and 20 feet high, so views are never compromised.

Applications for Fenetex Retractable Screens are as endless as the imagination – they can be installed on patios, gazebos, pergolas and more in homes, restaurants and hotels. Anywhere you want to take an outdoor space and create a climate-enhanced living space year-round.

Don’t miss out on Mother Nature’s offerings, deploy a Fenetex solution. For more information about how you can enjoy your outdoor living space all year round, contact us today.