Drop the Drop Curtain – Upgrade Residential Outdoor Dining Spaces

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Drop Curtains are a Thing of the Past

Here at Fenetex, we are busy upgrading commercial outdoor entertaining spaces from the traditional restaurant drop curtain used for decades to enclose outdoor dining areas. We’re bringing hotels, restaurants and event spaces our modern solution to their outdoor dining problems with end retention on Fenetex Clear Vinyl Weather Curtains. Let’s face it, when the weather changes and it gets cold, rainy or windy, no one wants to sit outside and enjoy their meal. That’s a problem when you are trying to run a business and you have all those empty seats that aren’t filled with customers.

While the drop curtain certainly has been a ubiquitous feature on nearly every restaurant patio, it is undoubtedly inefficient and outdated. With our recently-developed method to create an end retention system, Fenetex changed how drop curtains should be made. We developed this method — our state-of-the-art production equipment along with our patented adjustable track, we can counter the tendency of vinyl windows to shrink in cold air. This means we got rid of the hassle of manually lowering and securing a traditional drop curtain. Now we can build a clean, modern Clear Vinyl Weather Curtain that comes and goes with the touch of a button.

So, What does a Fenetex Clear Vinyl Weather Curtain Mean to Your Business?

A Lot. Here’s why:

    • Time is Money– A Fenetex Weather Curtain is motorized, just touch a button and the walls go up or down in seconds.
    • Create a Protective Barrier– Traditional drop curtains left gaps for rain, wind and leaves to get through. Fenetex Clear Vinyl Weather Curtains create a virtually impenetrable shield.
    • Silence is Golden– Fenetex Clear Weather Curtains are quiet. Your guests won’t hear chattering extrusions or the clanging hardware and flapping fabric that come with drop curtains.
    • Built to Last– Fenetex Clear Weather Curtains stay cleaner and last longer because they are stored safely inside a hood when they’re not deployed.
    • Strength in Numbers– Fenetex Weather Curtains are strong. Our standard retractable curtains can be used in nearly any weather curtains. And if you need something stronger, we build hurricane rated versions complete with Miami-Dade certifications for winds up to 200mph.

When you’re ready to drop the drop curtain, give us a call. We’ll help you you every step of the way.