Fall Patio Ideas: Warm Up Your Outdoor Living Space

retractable insect screens

It’s November; Thanksgiving is just around the corner and fall is in full swing. It’s time for pumpkin carving, apple pie and harvest parties. The leaves are changing with the season and your patio should too. Here are few tips to transition your patio to be fall-ready:

Embrace Nature

Fall is arguably the most beautiful season in nature. Leaves are changing and the fall plants are ready for harvest.

Embrace nature by bringing it into your outdoor living space in interesting and charming ways. Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, they’re beautiful all season long. A hollowed out pumpkin makes a bright and interesting statement planter for your cold-weather plants. Gathered leaves make a vibrant and colorful garland to hang over your entryway.

Fall Renewal

Traditionally we think of fall decor as muted and rustic. Instead of cloaking your outdoor space in muddy beige and tan, take inspiration from fall renewal. Choose a color palette filled with warm, rusty reds; deep, mossy greens and bright, earthy browns.

Take heed from the autumn renewal and renew your existing outdoor living space. Liven it up by creating a statement piece from your existing decorations. Wicker furniture, coffee tables and wall hangings could all benefit from a fresh coat of paint. White, summer-ready pieces transition perfectly into fall by being painted any color off your bright, rustic autumn palette.

Create an Outdoor Sanctuary

The heat of the summer is finally waning and the weather is perfect for relaxing, dining and partying in your outdoor living space. The summer heat is gone and winter is still nowhere to be seen.

It’s cozy and cool outside but not cold enough to scare off the insects just yet. Fenetex Retractable Insect Screens will help keep the bugs out and the good times in. Installing insect screens on your patio openings is the last step to creating the perfect outdoor living space. These breathable screens allow you to enjoy the weather, the breeze and the view while blocking any and all insects from being able to come ruin your gatherings.

Retractable insect screens add a perfect touch to your outdoor gatherings. Throw parties, host dinners and snuggle up with a good book on your patio without the worry of insects like mosquitoes finding their way in.

Fenetex retractable insect screens will take your patio and turn it into an outdoor living space. Contact us when you’re ready to create your perfect outdoor living space. Fenetex will help you embrace the season and enjoy the outdoors on your own terms.