Benefits of a Porch Screen Enclosure

porch screen enclosures

Fenetex offers a durable line of porch screen enclosures for homeowners to get the maximum use from their outdoor space. Conditions such as rain, wind, and harsh sun rays frequently send Florida residents running for cover instead of enjoying their luxurious backyard. What a shame it is to waste one of the most relaxing parts of your home. As a leader in patio screens, Fenetex wants to show the benefits that allow you to enjoy your outdoor patio with our products, all day every day.

Keeps Out Insects and Pests With Porch Screen Enclosures

Think about all of the times you have been sitting on your patio enjoying a nice conversation when you instantly slap your ankle. The mosquitoes have struck again and sent your running for either the harsh Deet or the inside of your house. With diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika, no one wants to feel the itchy bite of mosquitoes on their arms or leg. The mesh used for Fenetex insect screens is tight enough that it keeps out pesky mosquitoes as well as other flies and insects.

Cuts Wind

There are few things more relaxing than eating a meal or reading a good book with fresh air to breathe it. That is until a big gust of wind comes and blows your napkin to the floor or flips your pages forward 2 chapters. Luckily, Fenetex screens do not just protect against insects they also cut the wind. Although a slight breeze can make its way through the mesh, a heavy wind will be broken up and protect you from an unwanted windy disturbance.

Blocks Rain

Fenetex screens also protect occupants from rain spraying on them. Without protective screens, heavy rains are frequently blown in under a covered area. However, when raindrops rush against these screens, they are stopping in their tracks. Raindrops hit the mesh screens and simply rolls down and drain away.

Deflects Debris

Constantly sweeping debris off the floor and shaking it off furniture can become frustrating. Simply deploying a Fenetex screen at least halfway will prevent a great deal of debris from flying into your patio space. Never look down to find a leaf in your iced tea again!

Provides Shade

UV rays emitted by the sun have been shown in many studies to be dangerous and cancer-causing. The retractable screens from Fenetex block up to 90% of sunlight. This protects your skin, shields your eyes, and even lowers your electric bill! These shades offer valuable UV protection while still allowing you to see out into the rest of your yard.

Types of Patio Screens Offered by Fenetex:

Choosing Fenetex products to create your patio screen enclosure means choosing all of the many benefits that they provide to your home and your family. Unlike any other screen enclosures you could install on your home. They are strong against powerful storms and retractable for unlimited options. For ultimate style and protection, choose Fenetex. Call today for a free quote at (904)437-5168.